SpaceMaster - Master in Space Science and Technology

    Course Description

    Course Objectives

    The Consortium unifies expertise from a broad range of European universities to create a Joint European Master's in space science and technology with high-quality modules in space studies. The students will take part in projects and research activities while working in projects and elaborating their Master thesis. Many of these projects will take place in close collaboration with the European Space Industry. SpaceMaster has the potential to provide Europe's space industry and research institutions with high-quality engineers and researchers in the fields of space studies.

    The first, commonly spent year will create tight and long-lasting contacts and friendship between the European students and those from third countries - hopefully they will continue to collaborate in their future careers.

    Students in the SpaceMaster programme will experience many different climates, natures and cultures - German, Scandinavian, French, Czech and English, North American and Japanes - helping to break down the mental borders between different countries.

    Scientific projects require more and more expensive equipment to study our planet and the universe surrounding it, equipment that cannot be funded by one country alone and requires a strong collaboration between the scientific communities of each country. Such collaboration cannot take place without an understanding of the culture in the countries involved, and strong links between international scientists.

    General information on the SpaceMaster Program

    SpaceMaster is a future oriented interdisciplinary and challenging program. The study plan includes modules in different highly recognized European and Non-European universities.

    Lecturers are top-researchers and experienced professionals from space organisations, industry and academia.

    Students have to attend specific courses during their first and second semester (30 ECTS per semester). Written examinations are mainly given at the end of a course module. Seminars and lab work are part of the courses.

    Third semester will divide the group. Students attend modules (30 ECTS) at the partner universities of their preference.

    A laboratory thesis during fourth semester (30 ECTS) is mandatory to obtain a Master degree.

    Excellent career opportunities bear good prospects for the future of our graduates.


    Double M.Sc. degree from two European Universities

    Programme Duration

    4 semesters (2 years)