SpaceMaster - Master in Space Science and Technology

    3rd Semester

    Welcome back to University of Wuerzburg!

    Students coming back to University of Würzburg for  their 3rd semester should take the following into consideration:


    • All NON-EU students needing a visa received a letter of admission by e-mail along with an application form for accomodation.
    • EU-students won't get an admission letter, they do register ONLINE (details below)
    • Regardless of your nationality all students register ONLINE for the winter semester.


    is open from JULY until September 

    As the platform is only available in German, instruction in English will be sent to you in due time. Please don’t forget to print out your registration and note the registration code.

    You will need the following documents to complete your registration:

    • proof of adequate health insurance (p.e. EHIC-card for EU students)
    • proof that you studied at Lulea University for the second semester

    Please send the signed print-out along with the documents mentioned. Due latest in September. Please do not use the address given in the printout (except for German students) but to:

    International Office
    Angela Fenske or Doris Laug
    Josef-Martin-Weg 54/2
    Campus Hubland Nord
    97074 Würzburg

    Person in charge for German students: Mrs. Silvia Rüth (silvia.rueth@uni-wuerzburg.de)
    Person in charge for International students: Angela Fenske (angela.fenske@uni-wuerzburg.de) and Doris Laug (doris.laug@uni-wuerzburg.de).