SpaceMaster - Master in Space Science and Technology

    Introduction Program

    Introduction for SpaceMaster students

    SpaceMaster students usually come from many different countries, 21 or more nations. Some come directly from their previous degree university, some have already working experience.
    For the majority it is their first time to visit Germany or even Europe.
    But do not be afraid: You are not supposed to follow the lecture in German. It will all be in English.

    SpaceMaster students typically come from many different backgrounds. The academic refresher course helps you to start from a common basical knowledge in the most important fields.

    You might enjoy excursions to historic sites and along with it tasting food, enjoying music and the like. There is a lot to be explored! During the first weeks students rub shoulders and form friendships or interest groups. It makes it so much easier to face the challenging curriculum among friends!

    Welcome and information day for new students (WS 2017/2018)

    Your first day at the university will be on the 4th of October, 2017.

    Venue: Nat.wiss. HS-Bau - Hörsaal 2

    Time: 08:30 h

    Please bring the following documents

    • Your Letter of admission from the University of Wuerzburg and Lulea University
    • evidence that you have adequate health insurance cover
      (EM scholarship holders will then get their insurance card from Sweden)
    • Your passport
    • Your Bachelor Degree in the Original (or a certified copy)

    The International Office helps with the following: 

    • Arrival support,
    • opening a bank account, 
    • checking your health insurance, 
    • register at the university and city hall.