SpaceMaster - Master in Space Science and Technology

    Bibliography for Preparation

    Recommended Literature

    The following books are recommended for the lectures:

    Spacecraft System Design

    • J.R. Wertz, W.J. Larson: Space mission analysis and design. Kluwer 1999
    • P. Fortescue, J. Stark, G. Swinerd: Spacecraft systems engineering. Wiley 2003 (reprinted 2004)

    Space Physics

    • May-Britt Kallenrode, Space Physics
    • Margaret G. Kivelson & Christopher T. Russel, Introduction to Space Physics
    • Malcom S. Longair, High-Energy Astrophysics

    Spacecraft Dynamics

    • Wertz, J.R. Spacecraft Attitude Determination and Control. Kluwer 2002
    • Sidi, M.J. Spacecraft Dynamics & Control. Cambridge University Press 1997
    • Huges, P.C. Spacecraft Attitude Dynamics. Dover Publications 2004
    • Chobotov, V.A. Orbital Mechanics. 3rd Ed. AIAA 2002

    A limited number of these books will be available in the library and can be studied there. Some, but not all, you can also take home for some weeks. Moreover, it is recommended that you bring a Math formulary in your own language or English and a calculator.