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    Master Thesis - Double Degree

    To obtain a double degree from two different European Universities it is very important to follow the requirements of both degree awarding institutions.

    Your leading institution will guide you. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble you are kindly requested to get familiar with the procedures from both institutions.

    Please do not hesitate to contact the coordinators for advise.

    Important decision for your future career

    During the second semester, while you are in Kiruna, you are asked to take an important decision for your future career. We thought, you might appreciate some more detailed information about exciting new projects which are in progress at Julius-Maximilian-University-Würzburg, better known as JMUW.

    Main research areas which allow thesis work are:

    - pico- and nano-satellite projects (there is always one going on where you can join)

    - small  satellite formation flying

    - distributed on-board computer systems

    Research at JMUW/Computer Science 7, Computer Science 8, Physics

    For more detailed descriptions of the main research objectives of the chair concerning interdisciplinary system design visit:




    or check out




    Points of Contact:

    Thesis topics can be discussed with:

    Professor Dr. Klaus Schilling

    Professor Dr. Andreas Nüchter

    Professor Dr. Sergio Montenegro

    Professor Dr. Wolfgang Dröge

    Download Thesis Application Form

    Thesis Application Form