SpaceMaster - Master in Space Science and Technology

    Thesis Guidelines

    General Guidelines

    General Guidelines for performing a Master thesis in order to receive a certificate from the University of Würzburg are described in this section. Details on criteria and submission of the Master Thesis are documented in the Studienordnung and the Prüfungsordung for the SpaceMaster program (these documents are in German according to national laws). Quality control and a high level of student-supervisor interaction are mandatory requirements at our university. Our high standard is well recognized by industry and academia as is seen with the large number of SpaceMaster students from Würzburg who are offered jobs after their studies.

    In order to select an appropriate topic for your thesis, you are asked to:

    • contact professors from the faculties involved in the SpaceMaster program in your area of interest to select an appropriate topic. Thesis topics are displayed at the institute’s web pages or you can ask for an appointment with the professor in order to discuss potential thesis topics.
    • together with your selected supervisor suggest a topic from an area in space science and technology. Submit this in a one page abstract, addressing the scientific problems to be solved as well as the methods to be applied. The examiner must be a professor from the University of Würzburg and has to agree to supervise your thesis. From Luleå University a second examiner is to be contacted and must agree to supervise.
    • submit this summary together with the Master's thesis application form as a proposal to the examination board. This board will review submissions and will approve, reject or accept with additional requirements.
    • Examiners from Würzburg and Luleå University both have to approve before any actions are taken. Without approval from both institutions you jeopardize your double degree.
    • Your thesis should be completed within 6 months. Please check the deadline for your Master’s thesis in sb@home. Students have to submit their thesis at the registrar’s office, who then forward it to the respective examiners for grading/approval. Only after an oral defence in a public colloquium at the University Würzburg your thesis work will be deemed complete.

    As this procedure takes time, please start early enough, latest at the end of the 3rd semester.

    It is expected, that your Master’s thesis is performed in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, or in the Department of Physics and Astronomy. In certain cases, other departments of University Würzburg or external high level institutions might be accepted, if specific space-related topics require a specific research environment. In any case procedures and responsibilities as pointed out above apply. It is your responsibility to keep in close contact with your supervisor. Minimum requirement is a monthly report, where the status of your thesis, the results achieved and the planned activities are to be outlined. In order to complete the program successfully you are strongly advised to meet with your supervisor regularly. She/he will guide and advise you.

    Students who started their SpaceMaster studies in or after WS 2015/16:

    Please make sure you submit your thesis latest by the end of your sixth semester. If not, you have the option to change your thesis topic within 4 weeks or fail your Master’s thesis (first attempt). For the complete duration of your Master’s thesis, you have to be enrolled at the University of Würzburg.